A secure smart contract that can only lock and restore the owner and active keys after a pre-defined time

Easy setup

Lock-app user interface provides easy interaction with the smart contract

Free service

Deployed as a smart contract on Eos, Telos and UX Network mainnets


Ensures that no-one has control of a given account while locked

Account-lock provides temporary immutability for EOSIO smart contracts

During the lock-up period, the users of your dapp can be sure that the smart contract’s code cannot be modified.

At the same time, developers can set predefined time windows during which the code can be updated and/or specify a notice period after which the contract can be unlocked to update the code.

The data table stored on the contract address provides at the same time a certification of the lockup and information of the unlock time/date. Lockup data is public and transparent as any dapp user can easily access these details using an online blockchain explorer.

EOSIO blockchain users may also take advantage of account-lock features in order to freeze their accounts/funds in a cold storage for a given period of time. During the lock-up period, the account would be safe from any potential hack or manipulation as no one, not even the account owner, would have the required keys and permissions to send transactions or manage the account in any way.

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