1. Make sure to add the accountlock3@eosio.code authorisation before calling the “lock” action

As explained in the first step of the “getting locked” session, before calling the lock action you need to add the accountlock3@eosio.code to the owner authorisations of the account you want to lock.

Make sure that the accountlock3@eosio.code permission is added to your contract’s owner authorisations in oder to make the smart contract work.

Please note that the accountlock3 permission can only be used within the scope of the account-lock smart contract to lock/unlock the account. No other action can be executed as the accountlock3 keys are nullified.

2. Call the “unlock” action with a proper permission

Make sure to call the unlock action from:

  • the account specified in the “unlocker_str” parameter during lockup;
  • any other account permission if the “unlocker_str” parameter was specified as an empty string (“”).

Please note that you cannot call the unlock action using the locked account permission. You do not have any authorisation for that account while locked.